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Jaime Bricker
Jaime Bricker

Jaime Bricker is a life-long resident of Shgag̱wéi Valley, Traditional Land of the Chilkoot ‘Lingít people. She loves working as Skagway's Tourism Director, promoting her home town to visitors for it's rich history, scenic beauty, outdoor adventure opportunities, art, music, special events and a wide variety of tasty food & beverage experiences. Jaime loves spending time with her family and dogs more than anything. She enjoys gardening, hiking, biking, running, paddle boarding, singing, playing ukulele, cooking and exploring Alaska's vast Alaska Native history, art, culture and languages.  Bricker is a proponent for continuing education at all ages and believes that exploring Skagway is not only entertaining, but enlightening for the whole family!

Breweries in Skagway

Master Brewer, Joel Probst said it best, “We believe in all that is the world’s perfect beverage; beer!” And the secret to crafting an exceptional beer starts with an exceptional base. Skagway is…

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