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Skagway, with a population of just over 1100, is located at the northernmost point of the Inside Passage in Southeast Alaska, 103 air miles north of Juneau and 110 road miles south of Whitehorse, Yukon.

Nestled at the northernmost reaches of the Inside Passage, the streets are lined with wooden boardwalks and restored buildings, looking much as they did over 100 years ago.

Skagway’s history and spectacular natural setting create unparalleled sightseeing and recreation opportunities. Poke around on your own, or select from a variety of commercial tours. Either way, you will be amply rewarded with the sights and activities in and around Skagway.

Skagway is filled with outstanding dining options, abundant shopping, exceptional entertainment and three very fine museums. Many artists have made Skagway home with their work showcased in many of the downtown shops. Look for the ‘Made in Skagway’ logo for products that are crafted locally.

Skagway has five churches, one library and one financial institution. We also have over 200 hotel/ motel rooms in nine facilities ranging from modern to historical, including four bed & breakfasts. There is parking for 175 recreational vehicles. Limited tent camping sites are available in the summer.

For recreation there are two parks, one recreation center, a playground, bowling, museums, fishing, hiking, boating, camping facilities, ice skating, skiing and snowmobiling. A portion of the Skagway downtown area has been designated as the Skagway Unit of the Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park; nearly one million visitors are expected in the summer. Skagway is the embarkation point for the famous Chilkoot and White Pass trails.

Famous for its hospitality, Skagway offers visitors all the amenities they desire for a relaxing, adventurous and unforgettable stay!

Alaska Facts

State Insignia

Type Symbol Year Image
Flag of Alaska The North Star and the Big Dipper on a field of blue 1927 Alaska flag
Seal The Seal of the state of Alaska 1959 Seal of Alaska
Motto North to the future 1967  


Type Symbol Year Image
Flower Forget-Me-Not 1917 Forget-me-not
Tree Sitka Spruce 1962 Sitka Spruce


Type Symbol Year Image
Bird Willow ptarmigan 1955 Willow Ptarmigan
Dog Alaskan Malamute 2010 Alaskan Malamute
Fish King salmon 1962 King salmon
Insect Four-spot skimmer dragonfly 1995 Libellulidae
Land mammal Moose 1998 Moose
Marine mammal Bowhead whale 1983 Bowhead whale


Type Symbol Year Image
Fossil Woolly Mammoth 1986 Woolly Mammoth
Gem Jade 1968 Jade
Mineral Gold 1968 Gold
Type Symbol Year Image
Quarters Alaska State Quarter 2008 Alaska State Quarter
Song Alaska’s Flag 1959  
Sport Dog Mushing 1972 Dog Mushing
Motto North to the Future    

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Municipality of Skagway Visitor Department


It is the mission of the Skagway Visitor Department to be a dynamic, credible and respected advisory body to the Assembly of the Municipality of Skagway on all issues pertaining to the development of Skagway's visitor industry. 

While the focus of the Department is marketing, it is in the greater interest of the community that the Skagway Visitor Department be sensitive to all issues of visitor industry development, including visitor facilities, visitor activities and quality of life for Skagway residents.