The 2022 Tourism Best Management Practices program is a cooperative effort of Skagway businesses, merchants, restaurants, tour operators, cruise lines, transportation providers and the Municipality of Skagway. Tourism Best Management Practices (TBMP) are intended to minimize the impacts of tourism in a manner which addresses both resident and industry concerns and enhances the visitor experience in Skagway. These guidelines, however, do not replace applicable city, state, or federal regulations. By actively participating in this voluntary program, participants demonstrate their commitment to address key community concerns.

Participating businesses are responsible for managing this program and for promoting its objectives through a variety of means. These may include press releases, public service announcements, brochures, newspaper inserts, additional print media, and other appropriate means. This may also include contacting other businesses who have not signed on to the program and encouraging them to join with other visitor industry businesses. The MOS supports and endorses the Tourism Best Management Practices program and encourages all to participate.

Learn more & sign up for the program at https://www.skagwaytbmp.com