Master Brewer, Joel Probst said it best, “We believe in all that is the world’s perfect beverage; beer!” And the secret to crafting an exceptional beer starts with an exceptional base. Skagway is world renowned for its ice cold, crystal clear, glacial water flowing right out of the kitchen sink! The beer menu at Klondike Brewing is 20 drafts deep with cleverly crafted names like Cheechako Amber, Nahku Haze IPA and Dockside Porter. If you like something high-test with unrivaled flavor, the Double Barrel Blonde, a barrel aged territorial blonde ale, will knock your socks off!

Both of Skagway’s breweries benefit from the glacial goodness that flows from the tap. And that’s not the only delectable local ingredient that gets incorporated in these incredible brews. Skagway Brewing Company hand picks local Sitka spruce tips from gracious Mother Nature to craft their infamous Spruce Tip Blonde Ale. This beer is loaded with vitamin C and has a piney, near-angelic taste with a sweetness that sets Master Brewer, Trevor Clifford’s creations apart from the rest.

In an ever changing and often overly complicated world, we should all experience the rush of a cold one in Skagway and reflect on Klondike Brewing’s mission “to be the GREAT BEER in your glass, to emphasize the spirit of the moment, and to remind all to pause and celebrate the trail”.

Glass raised to lady enjoying a beer and flashing the peace sign outdoors at Klondike brewing