I HEART Skagway Video Contest

Do you love Skagway? Create a video that tells the story of an amazing adventure, an amazing place or an amazing experience that highlights what you love most about Skagway and submit it for a chance to win!

1st Place:  $300
2nd Place: $150

Here are some of our tips to help your video be a winner in our eyes:

  1. We love FUN. Highlight local area activities in your video. Show us what you do for fun while in Skagway.
  2. We love PEOPLE. We love seeing your favorite part of Skagway, but we love even more seeing your family and friends with you in Skagway.
  3. We love ACTION. Action shots are always the way to go. Just be sure to stabilize yourself so we can clearly see what’s going on in the video.
  4. We love SOUND/MUSIC, but…Please be mindful of the music you use in your video. Because of copyright laws, we cannot post videos with unauthorized music. Be sure to use royalty-free music. Many times, video editing programs such as iMovie provide audio that is copyright-free.